Peters ready for second run for Congress

By John Butters, The JOURNAL


Dr. Chris Peters, a Coralville surgeon, is launching a second campaign to take Iowa?s Second Congressional District from six-term incumbent Dave Loebsack.

?I?m running for Congress because I want to give my three sons and all future generations a better world than the one I inherited,? he said.

Running on the Republican ticket, Peters is a surgeon and owner of Corridor Surgery and Vein Center in Coralville. He ran for the same seat in 2016, receiving 46 percent of the vote, compared to Loebsack?s 54 percent.

Visiting Washington last week, Peters expressed his frustrations with the current Congress.

?I?m really concerned about what kind of country we are leaving behind. I don?t think we are taking the long view,? he said. ?We are too focused on short term results.?

The federal debt and the lack of control over government spending is an example of short-term trade-offs from deal-making, he said.

?The public debt is $21 trillion and climbing. It?s not only a fiscal failure, but a moral failure to leave that debt to our children,? he said.

Similarly, the government is avoiding difficult choices on providing affordable health care.

?We are obviously on an unsustainable path. The Affordable Health Act was not successful. We need to advance some health care reforms that provide more opportunities for low cost insurance plans,? he said.?For many Americans, high-deductible plans lower costs and meet their needs.?

High-deductible plans are not suitable for everyone, he said. But for those with good health, the plans make health care more affordable.

Peters, who describes himself as independent-minded, said the core problem in making government work rests with the lack of leadership in Congress.

?Congress is not serving the will of the people. The bitter partisanship has ruined debate on important issues,? he said.

The resulting gridlock makes it ever more difficult to accomplish things, Peters said.

?We need a more bi-partisan approach,? he said.

Having served 9 years as an Army doctor, Peters said his contacts with American veterans has shaped his foreign policy views.

?I think we are too adventuresome. We should commit our troops only as a last resort and only in the national interest. Any action should be authorized by Congress,? he said.

One of the distinctions between himself and his opponent, Peters said, is that he doesn?t see any new ideas being voiced on important issues such as national defense and health care.

?We lack vision and leaders,? he said. ?We need to restore our vision and direct it toward what our country should be. Iowa deserves a person of vision and leadership on the national stage,? Peters said.