Pardon our progress

By Matt Bryant, The JOURNAL


?Pardon our progress? is kind of a cheesy little phrase used typically when a business is remodeling in a way that moves staff and customers out of their normal flow. It also typically means that the business is evolving, upgrading and improving so when the construction dust settles it will have been worth the temporary inconvenience. For the next couple of months it is the Journal?s turn to ask you to please pardon our progress.

The Journal building once again became a locally owned Washington landmark. A pair of Washington developers have purchased the building with plans to renovate the interior with modern amenities while being mindful of the historic value and presence the building has in the community.

To be clear, these developers have purchased the building, not the business. The Journal newspaper continues to be a part of the Gazette with all of the amenities that come along with being a part of that historic Eastern Iowa presence.

The best news for us at the Journal is that we will stay in the home where we have been since around 1930. Of course, our home will be spruced up and much better suited to meet our current business and technology needs.

The process has already begun. Most of our staff has moved upstairs to make way for the various crews to come in and do their thing. Over the next couple of months the hammers will be swinging and the paint brushes flying. During that time we will be asking our walk-in customers to use the south door to enter the building. We will have someone there to greet you, and we can still help with any news, subscription, or advertising question you may have.

Subscribers and customers who we reach outside of our office setting should not notice any disruption at all.

When the remodel is complete, we will move our entire staff to the first floor into shiny new space. With an improved working environment, new technological capabilities and a continued commitment to serving our community. A commitment we plan to honor for years to come.


Matt Bryant is the publisher of the Washington Evening Journal.