Pancake Day set for next week

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Next Wednesday, Washington firefighters will be busy flipping pancakes.

?When you go out to start selling tickets they?re always, ?Well, I was wondering when you were going to come around and sell tickets? or ?I knew it was coming up,?? Pancake Day chairman Joe Redlinger said. ?They pretty much look forward to it.?

Pancake Day is always held the second Wednesday in January, he added. This year it?s Jan. 10. Serving time will be the same as last year from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 5 to 7 p.m., at the Washington Fire Department. The menu is the same as last year ? pancakes, eggs, orange juice, sausages, coffee and milk.

Redlinger is a little worried about the weather this year.

?It?s been cold and I hope it doesn?t affect us that day,? he said. ?I remember one year there was a forecast for bad weather that night and we had a big crowd at noon. Some people come early, some come late.?

Carryout will be available for anyone in case it?s cold.

Last year, attendance was great, Redlinger said. He estimated they fed about 1,800, and he would like to feed the same number of people this year.

Redlinger also enjoys seeing firefighters from other fire departments at Washington?s Pancake Day.

?We get some good response from them,? Redlinger said. ?The ones in the county will come and eat pancakes with us and some as far away as Solon and Mount Pleasant.?

Redlinger has been a member of the Washington Fire Department since December 1975. His main job is driving a firetruck, which he has done for 16 years.

The last 10 years he has been chairman of Pancake Day. It?s Redlinger?s job to make sure all the food is there and people are doing their jobs, which he says has gone well

?Everybody pitches in,? Redlinger said. ?Every year, everybody pretty much keeps the same job. The egg cookers and the ones that flip the pancakes and the ones that do the mixing and the cooking of the meat ? they?ve pretty much done that every year, so they know what their job is.?

Money from this year?s Pancake Day will go toward equipment for the new fire station, he added.

There will be a display showing the public what the new fire station designs look like.