Orange and Black Day returning

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Orange and Black Day, a community service workday for students and staff at Washington Middle School, is returning next month.

It is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9, WMS teacher Connie Svenby said. Students will be working from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., at different locations in the community.

?The kids really like the day,? Svenby said. ?Always have positives [comments] from the kids about the day. Always have positives [comments] from the work sites about the kids. The teachers tend to like it.?

A lot of work is done in the community and the students take pride in what they have done, Svenby added.

Some of the things the students do include: cleaning, planting flowers, work at a lot of the ball fields around town and a lot of trash pickup, WMS teacher Angie Shrader said.

?There is a lot of yardwork,? she added. ?They clean up leaves, sticks [and] trash.?

Letters were sent out to local businesses in February asking if they would like students to work at their locations for Orange and Black Day.

?We have a lot of repeats, but then we have some of them who will take a year off and then they will come back,? Shrader said, ?and then we, usually, every year we end up with a place or two we?ve never been to.?

This day has become a tradition at the school.

?We?ve been doing this a long time,? Shrader said.

They took a four-year break after they moved from the school?s former building, Shrader said.

That Orange and Black Day was used to help the teachers pack their belongings into boxes to get ready for the move.

?I think we took the first two years off when we moved here, but I think we?ve been doing it for 13 years altogether,? Svenby said.

Svenby hopes the students learn more about what volunteering is after participating in Orange and Black Day.

?I hope they learn that volunteering is an important part of life ? that giving back to the community that supports you is important [and] that hard work pays off,? she said.

If you would like to volunteer or donate for Orange and Black Day you can contact Svenby or Shrader at the middle school at 319-653-5414.