New members named to National Honor Society

The Faculty Council at Washington High School has named 20 new members to the National Honor Society. Twelve juniors and eight seniors were elected to membership.

The new junior members are: Christina Brinning, daughter of Mike and Paula Brinning; Tori Brush, daughter of Allen and Janel Brush; Peyton Cuddeback, daughter of Jeff and April Cuddeback; Gwendolyn Flannery, daughter of Ryan and Diana Flannery; Gracie Greiner, daughter of Shaun and Heather Greiner; Jenah Greiner, daughter of Brant and Amy Greiner; Cade Hennigan, son of Matt and Missy Hennigan; Allison Hippen, daughter of Chad and Joan Hippen; Madelyn Janecek, daughter of Kevin and Angie Janecek; Brennan Murphy, son of Joseph and Julie Murphy; Meghan Newman, daughter of Donald and Pam Newman; Molly Sparks, daughter of Dale and Stephanie Sparks.

Seniors named to membership are: Michaela Hoffman, daughter of Connie Hoffman-Svenby and Clint Hoffman; Addison McGuire, daughter of David and Debra McGuire; Grace Miller, daughter of Vern and Amy Miller; Trevor Moravec, son of Mary Beth Moravec; Kylee Porter, daughter of Steve and Tammy Porter; Samuel Reed, son of Kevin and Jodi Reed; Brandon Stephanie, son of Tom and Kim Stephanie; Jacob Van Osdol, son of Mike and Susan Van Osdol.

To be eligible for membership a 3.25 grade point average is required. Students are also considered for membership on the basis of character, leadership and service.

New members were inducted into the Society during a reception held by the local chapter of The American Association of University Women, Nov. 14, at the United Presbyterian Church.