New KCTC building coming soon

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


After distinguishing itself as the first sale in the new business park just over a year ago, the plans for the Kalona Cooperative Technology Company (KCTC) to begin building on the site were approved by the Washington City Council last week.

With the final approval of the site plan for the construction, building may begin as early as sometime this week on the KCTC building.

The council did vote to waive the requirement for approval of the site plan by a licensed engineer at the request of the Washington Planning and Zoning Commission.

Building and Zoning Administrator Steve Donnolly said the design was done by a local construction company. He said it was a minor site plan and that the problem of water runoff, which was the reason for the requirement, was taken care of.

?I think the one thing we should note is that the drainage plan is not required because it is already in place,? Mayor Jaron Rosien said as he looked over the site plan during the May 15 meeting.

Council member Brendan DeLong said he trusted the company to create a solid plan for the construction, but was concerned about setting a precedent that a licensed engineer will never be required.

Donnolly said that a larger construction would still require an engineer?s approval.

?Part of the reason of developing a business park with stormwater retention was to make it simple to develop and streamline the process,? Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said.

During the July 18, 2017, meeting of the Washington City Council, it was approved to accept a counter offer from KCTC to purchase lot 6 in the park, located southwest of the city?s wastewater treatment plant, at its listed price of $30,000 for the .93 acre lot.

The proposal also included an option to purchase a second lot, but without a building requirement the council had requested.

The 30-acre park was completed in 2016. The lots were sold by the city to WEDG on contract and are being marketed at the cost of $30,000 per acre.

Each lot comes with water, sewer, and electrical hookups and is considered ?shovel ready.? WEDG, which is marketing the lots in conjunction with an Iowa City realtor, receives a 6 percent commission for lots sold.