New council seated Tuesday

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


It was a smooth transition as outgoing Mayor Sandra Johnson presented the gavel she had used at Washington City Council meetings to Mayor Jaron Rosien shortly after Rosien took the oath of office before Tuesday?s regular Washington City Council meeting.

Shortly after Rosien took his oath of office from city clerk Illa Earnest, he gave the oath to incoming council members Fran Stigers, Ward 4, and Elaine Moore, at large. He also gave the oath to council member Steve Gault, who had run unopposed in November to keep his Ward 2 council seat.

?I think we have a great group,? Rosien said, in a short speech after the oaths had been read. ?I think we have a diverse group. It is my expectation to continue to have smooth and efficient and effective meetings, which we currently do. I want to reiterate something I have said before, which is that it is not necessary to have unanimous votes, but it is necessary to be respectful and even if we don?t have consensus on a particular issue, that when the chips fall we move forward with whatever is next without dwelling on any disagreements.?

He also stressed the need for council members to come to meeting prepared to do work needed.

After the gavel was passed, Rosien used a tap of the gavel to call the meeting to order. According to the rules, the council had to be seated before the regular meeting could be called.

During the Nov. 7 city election, Rosien beat challenger Pete Schaefer for the position of mayor. Stigers beat challengers Bob Gaal and Chris Gault for the Ward 4 seat. Moore beat Evie Richardson for Kathryn Salazar?s at-large seat.

Also during the meeting, the council approved several appointments Rosien made. Council member Brendan DeLong as mayor pro tem. Rosien appointed himself to serve on the emergency management commission, the E-911 commission, the communications commission and the SEMCO commission. Council member Kerry Janecek was appointed to serve on the historical preservation commission. Moore was appointed to serve on the Main Street Washington Board. Council member Millie Youngqquist was appointed to serve on the Chamber of Commerce board.

The council also approved appointed Earnest to keep her position as city clerk and Kevin Olson to keep his position as city attorney.