Mid-Prairie FFA members attend Iowa FFA Leadership Conference

AMES ? Nineteen members of the Mid-Prairie FFA chapter traveled to Ames for the Iowa FFA Leadership Conference April 22-24. Those attending from Mid-Prairie were: Jack Baker, Shae Becker, Aubrey Fay, Abby Frantz, Katie Frantz, Sadie Frantz, Erin Horesowsky, Averi Kron, Elizabeth Meader, Dallas Miller, David Murray, Sophia Norman, Cassidy Rourke, Colby Rourke, Creigh Rourke, Quinn Schmidt, Garrett Sexton, Abby Statler, Wyatt Stumpf. Four members participated in leadership CDEs. David Murray and Cassidy Rourke received a silver rating for their Secretary?s Book. Shae Becker and Quinn Schmidt received a silver rating with their Reporter?s Scrapbook. Sadie Frantz and Colby Rourke took the Greenhand Test about FFA knowledge. Shae Becker, Katie Frantz, Creigh Rouke and Wyatt Stumpf competed in the Ag Sales skills CDE and received a silver rating. The Ag Biotech team of Dallas Miller, Cassidy Rourke, Quinn Schmidt and Abby Statler received 8th place as a team with a gold rating. The Chapter Display showcasing the Dance Marathon designed by Jack Baker, Aubrey Fay, Abby Frantz, and David Murray received a gold rating.

Seven members of the Mid-Prairie FFA chapter received their Iowa FFA Degrees. This is the highest degree the state can award. The members receiving their degrees were: Shae Becker, Dallas Miller, David Murray, Sophia Norman, Cassidy Rourke, Quinn Schmidt and Garrett Sexton.

Erin Horesowsky and Averi Kron represented the Mid-Prairie FFA chapter by serving as the chapter?s delegates and voting for the new state officer team. Kron served as a member of the State Auditing committee. Katie Frantz was balloted as a State Officer candidate for the SE District VP. Elizabeth Meader served as a member of the FFA Chorus. David Murray assisted with the massing of the FFA Flags.

The Mid-Prairie FFA chapter was recognized as a gold-rated superior chapter in the National Chapter Program. An application was previously completed and judged based on the chapter?s involvement in the areas of student, chapter, and community activities. The chapter was recognized with the WHO Public Relations Award. In addition the FFA chapter sponsored the Diversified Horticulture proficiency award.

Additional time was spent at the career show and watching career development events. The sessions they attended highlighted the achievements of Iowa FFA members throughout the past year and they had a chance to listen to inspirational speakers and presentations. A fun night was held at the Iowa State Memorial Union.