Look-alike knife seized on school bus

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL

The Washington Community School District reported Thursday morning there had been an incident in which a bus driver confiscated a plastic look-alike knife from an elementary school student at a bus pickup near St. James School.

According to a news release from the district the student was waving the object in the bus line. The bus driver had heard it was a knife which the student had proclaimed was real. The driver detained the student as he attempted to enter the bus.

The Washington Police Department was called because the student wouldn?t give the knife to the bus driver. It was confirmed to be a plastic look-alike hunting knife.

The district encourages parents to discuss the importance of leaving toy weapons at home, citing how real that the objects can appear and saying that school personnel must take action immediately to ensure the safety of students. The release said that safety is the top priority of the district and the district is thankful the situation was handled without incident.