Letters to the Journal

To the Editor:

We have millionaires, football players, kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protesting against oppression.

These ungrateful people are the best possible example of the opposite of oppression. They have been coddled all their lives as athletes. The world has been favorable to them all through school to keep them eligible to play sports. Through school and college ? they have been the very opposite of oppression.

Now these people are protesting during the national anthem. Protesting is fine. It has accomplished many things in this country ? just not during our national anthem.

One of the reasons they have what they have is for years military people have fought, suffered, and died for our and their freedom. When you kneel during the national anthem you disrespect the suffering and dying all those men and women have experienced.

The protesters have the stage ? we have provided it for them. Protest at another part of the stage ? not during our national anthem.

General Eisenhower proposed years ago every able-bodied person in this country serve one or two years in the military. If they had, they would have been taught what our country stands for ? what our flag stands for ? and the respect it deserves.

Kneeling during the national anthem disrespects those who fought and died for freedom for them and us.

Now it seems other groups are joining in. To all of them ? protest all you want ? it?s fine ? just leave our national anthem alone.


Tom Thomas

West Chester