Letters to the editor

To the Editor:

I recently toured the Conger House Museum and would like to invite you to do the same on Sunday, Aug. 19, from 1 to 4 p.m., as there is to be a free Open House at that time. It is a truly wonderful home that has been brought to life once again.

If you come and I hope you do, you will be with a tour guide who will take you to each of the following rooms and explain their history and contents. On the main floor you will go into a parlor that has many of the items that belonged to the original families ? the Congers and Wilsons. The kitchen is part of the original structure with unique items emphasizing the early 1900s ? then on to the dining room which is currently being used to feature the World War I display. Next comes the County Room which is absolutely magnificent with several showcases displaying products made here in our county ? one is of the Pearl Button Factory, another featuring cards made by the Curran Co., other displays feature drugstore items that were in our county throughout the years and a collection of beautiful quilts. You will be amazed at all that has been manufactured here in our county. Also, on display is a collection of old cameras capturing past moments of our history.

The west addition constructed in 1906 has served as a den and a lawyer?s office. It features furniture from President McKinley?s home and a chair from the White House during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

On to the second floor that is fabulous. Helen ?Patsy? Wilson?s bedroom is unique with original furniture and her personal lamb collection, and the master bedroom is elegantly furnished with period pieces. The Washington County Medical Room displays medical equipment in honor of doctors and nurses who provided health care in the past.

The last stop is the basement and it has been brought to life showing many great items ? including the Dublin Store and its contents, a pioneer room, railroad memorabilia and also many Indian artifacts from our area.

All of this has really been the ?heart and soul? of several people like Deb, Jo, Shirley and Ferd and others who have really worked hard to bring this to life for you and yours to visit and enjoy. I hope you attend this free Open House at Conger House Museum on Sunday, Aug. 19, for 1 to 4 p.m. You don?t know what you are missing!


Margie Lasek



To the Editor:

Issue 30 July, Letters to the Journal, Re: Susan Fisher.

The legislative and judicial branches of representative government are unable to serve as many are in rebellion. When loyal citizens remove this disability with this insurrection will the duly elected president then be questioned as to following and enforcing the laws of our Republic? The Oath of Office must first be enforced in all public offices without which the nation fails! This nation cannot survive the fighting for rule and control by the political parties in replacing the suffrage of each and every state!


Laddie D. Oliver
TSCT, USAF Retired