Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Garden Pests!

Sunset Park is enjoyed by all of us in Washington and visitors from all over.

The flower beds there add to the beauty of the park. Those plantings were started by Jeanne Prochaska Kos and many volunteers. Now this is maintained by Steve Roth and countless helpers. The park is fortunate to have the generosity of both Hy-Vee and Fareway stores to donate many dollars? worth of plants every year.

Today, while stopping in the park to see if my flower bed there needed to be watered I was upset to see that 13 of 16 plants recently planted there were gone. The remaining three were broken. This has happened many times before.

Whether it is a plant I placed there in memory of a friend, special perennials from an aunt or a sister, they have been taken. The list is long of all the nice things that could be there to enhance the park. I would and have gladly given someone a division of a plant if they ask.

Whoever is doing this please stop! Take time to enjoy the flowers but don?t TAKE them!


Marj Lins