Legendary Leaders recognizes great things

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


A new program at Lincoln Elementary to recognize teachers and students for their efforts to the great things happening in the building when Principal Theresa Beenblossom was said to bear a resemblance to a Pez dispenser.

Beenblossom said that the Legendary Leaders Program was something she had discovered last summer while she was at a School Administrators of Iowa conference. As she was walking by a booth, someone mentioned that she looked like a Pez dispenser. The Learning for Life company had a Pez Dispenser that had a cape on it and the logo for Legendary Leaders. The people at the booth quickly asked Beenblossom to pose with the dispenser and a cape with the logo. After the photo was taken, they gave her to cape.

?I wondered what to do with the cape,? she said. ?I had to celebrate in the building. I actually created a video for the staff about what we were going to do with Legendary Leaders.?

On Monday mornings, all the staff names are put into a bucket and Beenblossom chooses a name for that week. After the name is drawn, Beenblossom quickly goes to that person?s room with the cape and a camera. The staff member?s picture donning the cape goes onto a special bulletin board in the school. Staff and students also write notes to the staff member about all the great things they do. The staff member also gets a coupon for a special bonus.

Students are also selected. Students who are selected also get to wear a smaller version of the cape and have their photo taken to be displayed on the bulletin board.

?I look for students following our PBIS (Positive behavior Interventions and Supports) expectations,? beenblossom said. ?I pick them out and give them a shout-out during the announcements with specifically what I saw them do. We take their picture and we have this amazing bulletin board our counselor made that has skyscrapers.

We cut the kids? pictures out and put them up like they were super heroes.?

She said the program is a great culture builder for the building.