Kewash trail gets asphalt overlay

By John Butters, The JOURNAL


The Washington city portion of the Kewash trail will get an overlay of asphalt later next month, repairing potholes and other rough spots in the trail?s surface.

With City Manager Brent Hinson in attendance, the Washington County Conservation Board approved a $92,500 contract with LL Pelling to make asphalt repairs and any required enhancements on the paved portion of the trail lying east of Highway 1.

The improvement to the trail is part of a larger $640,000 project that will build a new paved trail spur, linking the Kewash Trail to Lexington Boulevard near the location of the Kirkwood College campus. That project also includes paving for the trail near Willow Pond.

The money for re-paving the city?s part of the trail would be pulled from the grant funding already committed to the larger project. Because the development is coming in under budget, funding is available for enhancements to the in-city portion of the trail.

The entire Kewash Trail project is a joint venture between the City of Washington and the County Conservation Board. The two entities have worked together to provide trail maintenance and secure state and local funding for trail expansion.

Earlier this year, the city and the board provided resources to clear brush from the shoulders of the trail in preparation for continuing work to widen the trail and improve its drainage. The board replaced the brush with more desirable plant species to build a green barrier along the trail.

In other business, Executive Director Steve Anderson said construction of the trail spur to Lexington would begin Sept. 4. A portion of the trail extending from just east of Willow Pond to approximately 1 mile west would be closed to the public.

Construction of the trail is expected to be completed this fall. When finished, the trail would provide a paved link between the city and Kirkwood. A complete renovation of Willow Pond Park was completed by the board one year ago in anticipation of the project.