Keota City Council to meet

The Keota City Council will meet at 7 p.m., Monday, May 7, at city hall.

Items on the agenda include: Matt Wildman ? chloride compliance, approve HR Green Service Agreemement, approve contract extension for Leander Construction, consider motion of 2018 pool season, discussion on cemetery spraying, approve police report, first reading of ordinance for RAGBRAI miscellaneous permits, RAGBRAI vendor meeting for May 8, resolution approving the compensation of budget year 2018-19 for Kevin Slaubaugh, Tomisha Hammes, Craig Frederick and Doug Conrad, building permit for 211 North Fulton Street, building permit extension for 114 North Ellis Street, building permits for 113 West Ellis Street, 101 West Washington Avenue, 114 North Fulton Street and 302 North Green Street, mini park permission, approve payment of bills and consideration of demolition of property at 508 North Davis Street.