Juvenile taken to emergency room after dog bite

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


According to the Washington County call log, a dog bite victim was reported in the emergency room of the Washington County Hospital and Clinics Wednesday afternoon.

The log lists the location of the attack as 1017 E. Adams St. in Washington. The report said officers spoke with the owners of the dog and the victim?s parents. The dog was taken to the pound.

This morning, Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman said the incident is still under investigation and he would release more information on the incident as it become available.

Earlier this week, Goodman spoke with The Washington Evening Journal about the number of dog attacks that have happened this year. He also stressed the need for animal owners to keep their pets under control.

Recently several people had approached the Washington City Council in reference to an incident in which a pitbull allegedly chased one subject and jumped on another.

Goodman said that dog would be cited as soon as the owners are located, but because no injury was done, it doesn?t fall under the city?s definition of a vicious animal.

Recently there was an incident in which a dog attacked another dog and the owner of that dog.

A hearing was held with City Administrator Brent Hinson and the dog was ?humanely destroyed.? There was another incident in which a child had been injured.

The dog also will be humanely destroyed soon.