Janecek resigns from Washington City Council

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Kerry Janecek had little comment this morning on his letter of resignation from his Ward 1 seat on the Washington City Council and no discussion has been given to how to fill the vacancy yet.

Janecek said this morning the resignation was for ?personal reasons? and he didn?t have a preference whether the person who fills in the remainder of his term was elected or appointed. He said there was little interest in the position.

?If I had an interest and I had someone who had an interest I would tell Jaron (Rosien, Washington mayor) and he could appoint them, but I don?t have anybody,? Janecek said. ?Hopefully somebody gets interested.?

City administrator Brent Hinson said the resignation was effective immediately. Because it was accepted on Friday, he said the council has had no time to determine a course of action and he did not believe it would be discussed at Tuesday?s meeting. He said filling the vacancy would probably be on the agenda for the May 15 meeting.

The council has 60 days under Iowa law to appoint a replacement. The public can also call for a special election, by submitting a petition within 14 days after the publication of the intent to appoint. At least 10 people would have to sign the petition. Hinson said appointing someone to fill the remainder of the position is the most common means of filling a vacancy.

A copy of a form that is given to people interested in applying for appointment to the position is available at Washington City Hall. Hinson said many of the questions are meant to determine that the potential candidate knows what will be required of him or her as a council member. Hinson said the council could also choose to fill the position with a special election. He said the cost of a special election would be about $2,000.

The new council member handbook is available for people to look at before determining if they wanted to submit their name for consideration. Hinson said people interested could contact him or Rosien.

The person appointed will serve through the remainder of the year.

Janecek was elected to council November 2015. He serves as council liaison on the Historic Preservation Commission.