In memory of Ione Burham

To the Editor:

Ione in her letters to the editor, conversations and good works proudly showed her principles for all to see and hear. She was a hard worker, and a righteous woman with high moral character, with a good sense of what good behavior was. Thus, truth mattered and lies were abhorrent.

She was never afraid to speak her mind. She called out the bad behavior and lies easily. She never flinched, it was her duty to do so. Ione was a good citizen of this great nation. Her knowledge of politics, current events and topics were unequaled. Her letters to the editor were brilliant, articulate, thought-provoking and purposeful.

Ione?s resolve was driven by God. Her Methodist faith sustained her. Her life was one of service, not selfishness. Her life was a bell ringing for justice and fairness for all people.

She was my friend and mentor. She made a difference simply by caring and doing.

Who can and will take her place? Because we can?t be silent or afraid now more than ever.

Jo Ann Zager