Hunger Banquet held at high school

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, Washington FFA held a Hunger Banquet at the Washington High School. A Hunger Banquet is an event where guests draw a ticket when they arrive at the event which puts them into a high-, middle-, or low-income tier. This is based off of the global demographics related to the number of people living in different income classes. Each level of income has a meal associated with it. The high-income has a fancy meal, middle-income has a moderate meal, and low-income has a meal of rice and water. FFA members set up the gym and prepared the food for the banquet. Many staff members and students attended the Hunger Banquet. Many attendees commented on how much they learned from the event and how they had a great time!

The money raised from the Hunger Banquet will go toward creating sustainable agriculture development where people are living in

poverty. The development involves teaching people living in poverty how to grow their own food or providing resources so individuals can continue to grow crops and animals. This donation is through an organization called Food Resource Bank. Washington FFA plans to offer the Hunger Banquet to interested businesses, civic organizations, or churches as well. They would like to go around to different organizations hosting the banquet to raise money for those living in poverty, but also to teach community members about the living conditions in other parts of the world. If you know of a business or organization that would like to have the Washington FFA present a Hunger Banquet, please contact our FFA advisor Mr. Steinhart at 319-653-2143 ext. 1115