Highland approves superintendent agreement

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


RIVERSIDE ? The Highland School Board approved several operational positions with the Lone Tree Community School District Monday night at the meeting including superintendent.

Interim superintendent Dr. Mike Jorgensen presented the board with the operational sharing agreement between the two school districts for the 2018-19 school year. Lone Tree would share its superintendent with Highland for 20 percent and Highland would provide human resources, maintenance and transportation director for 20 percent.

?That?s what we have agreed upon at this point,? Jorgensen added.

Board member Rachel Longbine asked Jorgensen if he had spoken with the staff about how these sharing agreements would affect next year and if they were OK with that. Jorgensen replied that two of the three positions weren?t filled and would be done internally.

Board President Nate Robinson asked Jorgensen if the shared superintendent would lead to more time.

?I would hope after the first year 40 percent at least would be considered,? Jorgensen said.

Board member Megan Allen asked Jorgensen who the administration would report to.

The individuals involved would need to sit down and talk about who would be responsible for what in their job descriptions, Jorgensen said.

?It?s got to be mapped out,? Jorgensen said. ?You would take that superintendent job description and break it out based on the personnel that you have.?

Board member Cindy Michel asked what operational sharing positions Highland had this year.

?You have two in Columbus, one with Washington and one with Mid-Prairie,? Jorgensen said.

Washington notified Highland earlier last week they were discontinuing their operational sharing agreement with them, he added.

Michel noticed the agreement with Lone Tree for next year had the same amount of time allotment as the agreements they held this year, she said.

Board member Mike Golden asked Jorgensen when the Lone Tree School Board would meet to review the agreement.

?Wednesday,? Jorgensen said.

?And it?s a one-year agreement?? Michel asked.

?One-year agreement,? Jorgensen responded. ?You?ll probably put a date [on it] like Feb. 1 or something like that for the intentions for next year.?

Allen asked Jorgensen once they approved it when the job descriptions would be done.

The human resources, maintenance and transportation job descriptions were already determined, Jorgensen said. The superintendent job description would be decided once both boards approve the agreement and the Highland administration decides if they need other support.

Board member Lois Schneider asked Jorgensen if he thought this agreement was a good solution.

?I think for one year it will work,? he said. ?I do not believe it?s a good long-term solution.?

The board approved the operational sharing agreement unanimously but agreed it would need to be revisited next year.