Have some fun with the sun

WASHINGTON?Face the heat head on and have some fun learning about closest star. A ?Sun Study? program is being presented by the Washington County Conservation Board. The program will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 28. Activities will begin at the Conservation Education Center at Marr Park.

During this family-friendly program, we will explore heat and light, run some experiments, and soak up some essential vitamin D. Some activities will include making and using a solar oven, using the sun for art, telling time by the sun, and using your shadow to discover direction. We?ll talk about sun safety, observe the presence of invisible UV light, and how ground, water, and other landscapes affect light and heat.

If the day is overcast or otherwise unsuitable for sun study, we will modify and change activities for an inside experience. If temperatures are high, outside activities will be alternated with inside ones to prevent excess heat exposure.

Marr Park is located one mile west of Ainsworth and 6 miles east of Washington on Highway 92. The Conservation Education Center is located at the far south end of the park.

For more information, contact the Conservation Education Center at 319/657-2400 or