Halcyon House

The weekly church services were provided by Pastor Dan Cotner from Prairie Flower Baptist Church.

Last Friday afternoon we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. The new shelter by the pond was a great place to sit and enjoy a nice slice of cold watermelon. Since it was so nice out, we decided to stay outside for current events.

We usually read the Washington Journal or articles in the Iowa magazine and have a discussion on what we read.

At trivia on Monday the program was, ?Happy Birthday Lucille Ball.? Everyone had to crack a puzzle code to figure out a famous quote by Lucille. Red was the color for this program and keeping with that theme, home grown tomatoes were served for a tasty treat.

Lucille Ball was a brunette by birth but changed her hair color for her role in, ?Du Barry Was a Lady?. She kept her signature hair color for 4 decades. Lucille made 180 episodes of ?I Love Lucy?.

They filmed the last episode of her show on May 4, 1957. Lucy was born on August 6, 1911 (would have been 107) and died April 26, 1989, at the age of 77 from a dissecting aortic aneurysm.

The quote that everyone had to figure out was, ?The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age? by Lucille Ball.

Residents celebrated August birthdays Monday morning with coffee and doughnuts. Those joining the celebration were Lea Smothers, Virginia Tschantz, Maxine Davisson, Gladys Ferguson, Gladys Carson, Laurilee Chalupa, and Mathena Barta.

Congratulations to Halcyon House residents: Marcella Reed, Bea Johnson, Linda Sturdevant, Jane Leyden, Karen McCreedy, Maxine Davisson, Becky Patterson, Rose Ellen Stelton, Mathena Barta, Fran Victor, Gladys Ferguson, Audrey Goldsmith, Sandy Weller, Erma Ropp, Betty Quinn, Shirley Canfield, Pete Weller, Dan Stauffer, and Margaret Stauffer for each exercising 600 minutes or more the month of June.

Every resident who exercised at least 600 minutes is inducted into the Halcyon House 600 Club. Residents are rewarded with prizes. New members of the club receive a water bottle filled with treats for their hard work!

Clyde Pearce gave a presentation titled ?What Languages Speak to You?. During his presentation he talked about the various types of languages throughout the world. There are over 7,000 languages worldwide.

Happy Birthday wishes this week go to the following Halcyon House residents, Gladys Carson, Donna Schoonover, Gladys Ferguson and Mathena Barta.