Halcyon House

The weekly church services were provided by Chaplain, Carol Yoder. The sermon was titled ?What Does God Think About Me??.

Scripture from Psalm 18 and Hebrews 8:14-18. Beth Janecek served as pianist.

Eva Gallagher enjoyed a visit from her son, Ron, for 6 days recently. Ron traveled from Ashburn, Virginia to spend time with his mother.

Larry Canfield and Shirley Canfield enjoyed a family gathering in Des Moines at the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Chris and Tony Forcucci.

Their 7 year old great grandson, Ethan Forcucci, was visiting from his home in Florida. Everyone enjoyed homemade pasta, badminton, and catching up.

Monday, the trivia program title was ?Ice Cream Cone Anniversary?. An ice cream word search started this chilly program. The tasty treat for this frozen dessert program was Neapolitan ice cream which gave three ice cream flavors in one scoop (chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate).

The ice cream was served either in a plain or waffle cone or a few preferred to have their ice cream in a dish. Trivia was shared about ice cream and ice cream cones.

On this day in 1904 Charles E. Menches of St. Louis invented the ice cream cone and sold it to his customers at the St. Louis World?s Fair. He ran out of dishes, so a waffle vendor began to roll his waffles into the shape of a cone to hold the ice cream in.

The favorite ice cream topping is chocolate with vanilla being the favorite flavor of ice cream. And a quote by Charles Schulz, ?Life is like an ice cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time,? ended this program.

Every Wednesday the Halcyon House Activity Department hosts Cranium Crunch. Cranium Crunch is a program that challenges our memories and has us reminiscing about days gone by.

This is a fun and non-competitive class. Residents enjoy trivia, crosswords, fill in the blank games, name that category and trivia. The nostalgic treat for this program was pink waffle cookies, which everyone remembered but hadn?t enjoyed in a long time.

Congratulations to Halcyon House residents Linda Sturdevant, Pete Weller, Sandy Weller, Jane Leyden, Marcella Reed, Becky Patterson, Bea Johnson, Fran Victor, Karen McCreedy, Audrey Goldsmith, and Shirley Canfield, for each exercising 600 minutes or more the month of June. Every resident who exercised at least 600 minutes is inducted into the Halcyon House 600 Club. Residents are rewarded with prizes. Residents received a water bottle filled with treats for their hard work!

Happy Birthday wishes this week go out to Dan Stauffer, Rosemary Laing, Ole Gingerich, Owen Roth, and Jane Leyden.