Halcyon House News

The Rev. Moody Colorado representing the West Chester Methodist Church, provided the weekly church service to Halcyon House residents. The sermon was titled ?Did Our Hearts Burn?? Scripture from Luke 24. Beth Janeck served as pianist.

Halcyon House Route 66 Fitness Road Trippers have exercised a total of 42,098 minutes! The Road Trippers who reached the famous Route 66 Diner, received a popcorn gift box, glass bottle of Coke-Cola and Hershey?s chocolates. For those Road Trippers who have made it to the midway point in Texas, they received a roll of toilet paper for a potty break! Erma Ropp took the lead this week with 741 exercise minutes. Audrey came in close behind with 740 minutes and Roger Cutkomp came in third with 668 minutes of exercise.

Sybil Thornton hasted a bridge card game learning session in the Sitler Lounge. The bridge session was taught by Marge Lasek and Peter Weller. The students, Sybil and Irene Baughman, had not played bridge in nearly 60 years! Not only did Marge enjoy teaching the Bridge session, but she was able to see some of her friends who reside at Halcyon House.

Cooking class in Arbor had the residents making deviled eggs. This tasty treat came with some reminiscing about all the many ways that you can use eggs. Of course the favorite part of making this delicious treat was the sampling that came with it.

Monday?s trivia program was ?Giggles, Guffaws, Day.? The word search puzzle this time was ?I Love Lucy.? This was not an easy puzzle and the residents found themselves helping each other out in finding some very long words like Desilu Studios and Little Ricky (a lot of the words were spelled backward). Pictures of baby animals doing humorous things and pictures of children brought a lot of smiles to this humorous program. The health benefits of laughter was also included. Did you know that laughing helps to lower your blood pressure, laughter reduces the stress hormone levels and can produce a general sense of well-being. And to end this program full of laughter and smiles was a glass of cold milk dipping your Oreo cookie and eating this soggy goodness.

A special treat was shared at Bingo today. Ron Stalder and his daughter-in-law Tana Stalder made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. Ron has always enjoyed making pumpkin bars and sharing them with others. We were lucky enough to be on the receiving line of this delicious afternoon treat. Thanks to Ron and Tana for sharing!

Art class was held in the Sagewood household. The current art project are button trees. The first step was to paint a tree on an 8x10 canvas, followed by the residents placing many colorful buttons on the tree. The residents will then display the trees in their households.

The residents and team members of Halcyon House extend their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Gerald Schimmelpfennig.