Halcyon House News

The weekly church services were provided by Minister, Howard Dantume, representing the Marion Avenue Baptist Church. The sermon was titled ?The One Person Jesus Could Not Share.? Scripture was from Matthew 24:42.

The Halcyon household residents celebrated the Irish green on Friday. The sing-along was a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, (with a lot of smiles and singing) to songs like ?When Irish Eyes are Smiling? and ?Molly Malone.? Happy Hour in the afternoon was also green with chocolate mint malts with whipped cream topping and an Andes mint for garnish.

At Trivia on Monday we celebrated ?Spring into Spring? with a word search. Pictures were shared that remind us of spring, along with some facts about spring and a rousing talk about spring cleaning. We also played a springtime game and enjoyed homemade caramel dip with slices of apples.

On Tuesday the ?first day of Spring? brought the ?Keota Brass Band? to the Timmins Dining Room, entertaining everyone. Tom Hahn played the Trombone, Roger Richardson the trumpet, and Gary McCurdy the tuba. The residents were singing along to the melody and clapping to the beat of the music. A wonderful time was had by all!

On Wednesday Cranium Crunch ?Joggin` Your Noggin? was at Wedgewood home. Everyone started out with a word-search puzzle and then some challenging word games. We finished the brain-cruncher games with a drink and chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies that were donated by Halcyon House Volunteer Sherry Sieren.

Enid Tweeton and Gladys Ferguson enjoyed a visit from Bonnie Nolan. Bonnie traveled to Washington from Gibson, on Monday, March 19, to spend time with Enid and Gladys. Gladys also enjoyed lunch on Tuesday, March 20, in the Applewood Bistro at Halcyon House with Cathy Schafer of Keosauqua.

Halcyon House residents, Denny and Connie Sorrell, Jane Leyden, Becky Patterson, and several others celebrated St. Paddy?s Day with corned beef and cabbage, Irish bread and lots of other delicious Irish dishes prepared by the residents. Following the potluck, Barb Wood showed the movie ?Jersey Boys?

Route 66 Fitness Road Trippers are off and moving! Residents exercised a total of 14,500 minutes (miles) the past two weeks. The first Famous Landmark the Road Tripper?s came to on their fitness journey is the Historic Brooks Ketchup Bottle Tower. Each resident will receive a tiny bottle of ketchup as a prize for their hard work! Denny Sorrell is in the lead with 1,105 minutes, Larry Canfield is close behind with 980 minutes and Roger Cutkomp is holding in third with 940 minutes of exercise for the last two weeks.

The residents and team members at Halcyon House extend their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Georgina White.