Halcyon House News

The weekly church service was provided by Pastor Jason Collier representing the Ainsworth Community Church. The sermon was titled ?Peter Betrays.? Scripture from John 18:12-27 was shared with those in attendance in the Epworth Chapel. The Collier Kids: Lexi, Jessup, Jeremy, and Izzy were special guest in attendance.

Halcyon House residents are ramping up the exercise minutes this week due to the Route 66 Wellness Road trip kicking off Monday, March 5. Mathena Barta, Marcella Reed, Roger Cutkomp and many others can be seen walking the hallways of Halcyon House, facilitating the fitness center and attending exercise classes. For every minute of physical activity the residents do, they get to ?travel? one mile on Route 66. The Wellness Department has a display themed around traveling and visiting the famous monuments on Route 66!

The residents keep track of the minutes of physical activity they do on weekly tracking calendars provided by the Wellness Department. Many different types of physical activity can count toward exercise minutes for the day. This includes attending exercise classes, walking in the hallways, or using the Halcyon Fitness Center equipment. Each participant will get a free T-shirt! For each monument the resident passes, they will earn a prize themed around the monument. There will be a grand prize for the person who exercises the most minutes!

Halcyon House added another Line Dancing Class to their schedule this week due to popular demand. Halcyon House Wellness Director Mercy Brinning and Line Dance instructor, Heather Schenk, teach both Country and Urban Line Dances. Line Dancing is a great way to get a low impact cardiovascular workout while having fun dancing. These classes are open to residents, team members, the greater community.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Marjorie Kline and Donna Wheelen.