Halcyon House News

The weekly church service was provided by Dan Drost representing the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The sermon was titled ?One God, One Mediator.? Scripture from 1 Timothy 2:5-6 was shared with those in attendance in the Epworth Chapel.

Halcyon House hosted a Heart-Healthy Luncheon on Friday, Feb. 16, in the Marshall Game Room in honor of Heart Health month. Madori Gingrich, Washington County Hospitals and Clinics dietitian presented heart healthy nutrition information to the luncheon guests. Sherri Horak and her catering team prepared delicious garlic soup, salmon with maple glaze, quinoa potatoes, Asian green beans, and dark chocolate red wine cupcake. Residents invited guests to attend the luncheon. Pete and Sandy Weller hosted Yaro and Mary Chmelar, Eva Gallagher invited her friend Joann Colson, Mary Ann Hennigan hosted her daughter-in law Missy Hennigan, Lea Smothers her friend Joyce Marie, Betty Fistler invited her daughter Connie Vincent, and Sybil Thornton hosted Dave Horsey. A huge thank-you to Wellness Coordinator, Megan Richardson and Wellness Intern, Amy Jurzcak for setting the tables and serving the luncheon.

Halcyon House Wellness intern Amy Jurczak is organizing ?Route 66 Fitness Road Trip,? an exercise incentive campaign to motivate residents to keep moving. For every minute of physical activity they do, they get to ?travel? 1 mile on Route 66. Halcyon House Wellness Team will have a display of everyone?s progress in the Wellness Center windows themed around traveling and visiting the famous monuments on Route 66. Many different types of physical activity can count toward your minutes for the day. This includes attending exercise classes, walking in the hallways, or using the Halcyon Fitness Center equipment. Each participant will get a free T-shirt! For each monument a residents passes, they will earn a prize themed around the monument. This program will start on Monday, March 5 and end on Monday, June 11. There will be a grand prize for the resident who travels the most miles!

Betty Osincup and Iowa family met at their North Liberty church for service and enjoyed an after-church, at-church, breakfast. Following that, daughter and son, Elyse and Ben Chapman and Betty?s granddaughter, Regina Roselund, went to see City Circle Acting Company?s play ?Chess In Concert? at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. Washington High school music teacher, Don Hughes, played trumpet in the orchestra. Betty?s grandson, Ben Chapman, has been in productions with two different theater groups. After supper, everyone got home safely, driving over some icy spots on the roads.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Halcyon House residents Eva Gallagher, Gerald Schimmelpfennig, and Pauline Murphy.