Halcyon House News

The week before Christmas brought many visitors, music, and Christmas joy to Halcyon House residents and team members. Lloyd, McConnell, Davis and Lujano law office staff and their families walked around the health care households singing Christmas carols bringing smiles to many faces. Jackson Clover Kids led by Angela Taylor and Deb Hanson sang Christmas songs in each of the households. Rosewood residents enjoyed Music Therapy with Elisabeth Tinnes while other residents gathered in Sagewood and helped make candy-filled sugar cookies for the Resident Christmas Potluck party.

The households each had a soup supper which was shared with residents, families and team members. Team members brought in desserts and special sides to pass. Musical entertainment was provided by Speech Therapist Sara Haas and Laurie Adams. Halcyon Team Leader Tom Gaughan played Santa and his elf helper and sleigh bell ringer was Don Kline. They passed out gifts to each of the residents between eating and musical entertainment.

The week of Christmas the music continued with Margie Runaas and her piano students who played for the residents in Wedgewood. Jodi Berhow and the Faith Baptist Church caroled their way throughout the households spreading holiday cheer. Halcyon House also welcomed 10 members of the Holy Trinity Parish Choir of Keota who performed traditional Christmas songs and hymns to a group of 30 residents, staff and friends in Timmins Dining. Eveline Adam?s daughter, Jeannie Redlinger, was the accompanist and team member Ethel Sieren?s father-in-law was part of the group. Tom Hahn gave a lovely solo performance of ?Ave Maria.?

Halcyon House hosted their annual Christmas party for Independent Living residents earlier in December in the Morrison Center. Halcyon House Culture Club members Gladys Ferguson and Glenys Elwood, organized an afternoon of fun Christmas games. One game that brought a lot of laughs was the Christmas Wrapping Challenge! The residents were challenged to wrap arms with a partner and wrap a present with just their free arms! Residents enjoyed delicious holiday goodies prepared by Mary Ann Greiner and yummy apple cider served by Glenys Elwood. Following the party Sandy Weller, Mary Ann Hennigan, Erma Ropp and many other residents participated in a Holiday Cookie Walk in the Marshall Game Room. A huge shout out to Glenys Elwood and Gladys Ferguson for organizing the party and Megan Richardson, Quinten Jaribay, Jude Carter and Jocelyn Carter for serving refreshments.

Halcyon House hosted a trip to the Holiday Festival of Lights in Mt. Pleasant on Monday, Dec. 18. Carolyn Levy, Marcella Reed, Rosie Stelton among many others enjoyed a magical evening of holiday lights and warm hospitably. Following the Festival of Lights the residents were welcomed into the home of Nancy and Ed Crites for some holiday cheer! Nancy and Ed prepared and served wonderful holiday treats, homemade cookies and candies, appetizers, peppermint punch, coffee and lots more! The residents and Halcyon Wellness team want to thank Nancy and Ed for their incredible hospitably. It was a festive evening for all!

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to the following Halcyon House residents: Roger Cutkomp, Mike Wood, and Audrey Stark.