Halcyon House News

Howard Dantuma representing the Marion Avenue Baptist Church presented the weekly service to Halcyon House residents on Dec. 17. The sermon was titled ?The Lamb of God.?

The Jackson Jets 4-H group and some of their parents recently came to Halcyon House and played bingo with the residents. The group brought wonderful bingo prizes that were appreciated by all who attended. The Jackson Jets leaders are Julie Stout and Bob Spenner. Members and their parents in attendance were Tyler Alderton and his dad Brad; Wyatt and Brooke Stout with their Mom Julie; Jameson Spenner with his dad Bob; Jessica Hora with her mom Mary; Olivia Marek; Leah Marek; Olivia Pacha and dad Curt; David Hora; Teagan and Trevin Sulentich and mom Glenda and Haley Gross with mother Nicole.

Residents gathered in Rosewood to enjoy the musical performance by the Washington High School Small Vocal Ensemble led by music instructor Jonathan Runaas and accompanied by Margie Runaas.Later residents listened to the ?Old Time Radio Show? in Rosewood which featured the ?Jack Benny Program? which aired in 1949. A large crowd gathered in Timmins Dining Room and listened to a festive musical performance by ?Just Us Girls.? Members who sang were Mary Carol Fish, Beth McBride, Miriam Pacha, Suzy Marek, Cheryl Kurtz, Jackie Ross, Mary Maxted and Robin Earnest.

Mary Jo Koehler came to Rosewood and sang Christmas music and played the guitar for a large crowd and Elisabeth Tinnes from ?Joy of Music? came to Rosewood to do music therapy with the residents. Mary Jo returned later with a group of participants from Lending Hands and walked through the households caroling to the residents, giving hugs and spreading Christmas cheer.

Kaylie Wenger and a large group of middle school music students came and caroled throughout the households bringing a festive spirit to the residents. Stan Meyer of Wayland was the Lifelong Learning Presenter: Collections and Hobbies presenter who shared his wonderful collection of coins with the residents. Margie Runaas and her piano students stopped by Wedgewood and to play the piano and celebrate the season with the residents.

Betty Osincup had a special time last Sunday with her Iowa family. She drove to Kalona and rode with youngest daughter, Elyse Chapman, to attend church at the Living Word Community Church in North Liberty. They joined Betty?s oldest daughter and husband, Donna and Bob Olson, of North Liberty and Betty?s granddaughter, Regina Roselund, of Riverside. Following the service the family had a birthday and early Christmas dinner in Coralville. Birthday gifts were given to Bob and early Christmas gifts were exchanged. The Olsons were in Austin, Texas, for Christmas with their son and Keith and Angela Dunham and children Austin and Sydney. Betty, Elyse, and Regina went to the Coralville Perfomring Arts Center to see Elyse?s son, Ben Chapman, perform in the musical, ?Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.? Ben?s solo and dance was a big hit with the young girls.