Halcyon House News

Pastor Kwang Song representing the United Methodist Church, provided the weekly service to Halcyon House residents on Sunday, Nov. 5. The sermon was titled ?Foundation of Life.? Scripture from Matthew 7:24-27 was shared with those in attendance. Pastor Dean Elmore representing Church of God, provided the weekly service to Halcyon House residents this past Sunday. The sermon was titled ?Ride Out Your Storm.? Scripture from Matthew 8:25-30 was shared with those in attendance. Pastor Dean shared guitar music and featured ?His Voice Makes the Difference.?

Halcyon House honored Veterans on Friday, Nov. 10, in the Timmins Dining Room. A huge thank-you to the American Legion and F-Troop for presenting the program. Halcyon House resident Betty Osincup kicked off the ceremony with a prayer. Lonnie Milligan presented the program with assistance from Mike Orris, Dale Torpey, and Allen Fuhr. Those attending were served fresh doughnuts, juice and coffee. Halcyon House Executive Director Chris Marshall concluded the program by playing ?America the Beautiful? on the piano.

Mary Meeks spent 12 days in Arkansas and Missouri visiting family. Richard and Malinda had been visiting here and she went to Mountain Home, Arkansas, with them. The weather was perfect and the trees were at their peak. On Saturday they went to Eureka Springs to attend the wedding of her granddaughter Leslie Meeks to Quinn Loftin, both of Springfield, Missouri. Leslie is the daughter of Mary M. Meeks and the late Max Meeks of Republic, Missouri. Tom Meeks escorted his sister down the aisle. The wedding was held in the Thorn Crown Chapel and the reception following the ceremony was held at the Retreat at Sky Ridge. After the reception she went home with Lewis and Cathi to Prairie Grove, Arkansas, to spend the next week. Lewis brought her home Friday. Mary was thrilled to have this time with family and celebrate the marriage of her granddaughter.

Happy birthday to the following Halcyon House residents, Carolyn Levy, Betty Osincup, Pauline Skarda and Sybil Thornton.

Halcyon House residents and team members send out their deepest sympathy to the family and friends of residents Anna Hysell and Alice Rademaker.