Gingerbread house tradition continues

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Erin Riley?s food choices class at Washington High School made gingerbread houses again this year for their final project before winter break.

?A lot more of them used fondant this year ? that?s something they wanted to do,? Riley said.

One group molded Snoopy and Woodstock out of fondant for their display.

Every December Riley?s class builds gingerbread homes as a project.

?It?s just been so much fun every year,? Riley said. ?It?s a lot of work on our part. It?s messy, but they (the students) end up thinking it?s pretty cool. I like to see what they come up with, and if I didn?t do it I would miss it and staff would miss it.?

She has staff ask her every year if the students will be making the gingerbread houses again.

There were six gingerbread houses made this year. Ideas for the gingerbread homes included: resembling a Frank Lloyd Wright home, a tree house, a train, a cabin and a regular gingerbread house.

All of the items used to make the gingerbread houses were edible items, such as chocolate, pretzels and grape stems.

?They do the gingerbread base and then some people put stuff over it like pretzels,? Riley said. ?They can use pretty much everything. They have to make a list of items they want to use and then I have to get it for them.?

The tree for the gingerbread treehouse was made out of Rice Krispies.

?It?s definitely a process,? Riley said. ?We put cups under the branches to hold them up and we set it overnight and then they frosted it and that had to sit overnight. That?s why it takes two weeks to do this.?

Jolly Ranchers were also used to make pools or ponds.

?They melt them or you could use Lifesavers,? Riley said. ?Just crunch them up, put them in a bowl and melt them.?

Friday, staff at WHS voted on their favorite gingerbread house and on its structural integrity. Riley?s students will find out who was voted the favorite when they return from winter break on Jan. 3.