Flags donated to WACO

Willa Wilson recently presented both American and Iowa flags to the WACO Community School District in tribute of her late husband, Terry J. Wilson. Dennis Krzyzowski of San Antonio, Texas, recently sent Willa a check of $380 with the request to do something as a tribute for Terry at the school where he taught from 1970-2004.

When asked why he wanted to donate money to WACO on Terry?s behalf, Dennis had a very thoughtful reply.

?I?ve gotten to know Tom (one of Terry?s son?s) through the collecting of farm primitives. I know that Terry had a varied collection in all things cast iron. I also knew that Terry taught both American and Iowan history, however, I think he taught a lot more to his students. I believe he helped his students understand the importance of integrity and character, which are lifelong lessons. He understood how truly important his students were and I wanted to do something to recognize him for that.?

Willa wondered how best to use the money, but when Mr. Dugger and Mr. Edeker suggested flags Willa knew it was a great idea. With Terry, her son Monte, and grandson Matthew all having served in the military, Willa comes from a patriotic family. ?I wanted something that would touch as many students as possible.When I learned that Dennis is retired from the Air Force, the decision was made to have Mr Dugger and Mr. Edeker put both an American and an Iowa flag in Wayland and Crawfordsville gyms.?