Fire station plans move ahead

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL

During its regular meeting Tuesday evening, the Washington City Council will consider several issues related to the construction of the new fire station on East Jefferson Street.

According to the council packet, architect Kristofer Orth of Design Alliance will present the ?design development? plans for the building construction. The design of the building has continued along the same lines as the Feb. 2 presentation of the schematic design, but has filled in a lot of details related to the building construction. The council is expected to vote on the plans and determine if planning work should continue to the final designs.

?We are getting to a pretty solid project, but it isn?t the final design yet,? Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said.

Hinson said that two projects for site improvement on the land that will hold the fire station are ready to go out for bids. The council will vote on soliciting bids for the two projects. The first project is the ?fire station grading and utilities project,? which will reallocate utilities, grade the site and prepare the building pad. Hinson said the city hopes to receive bids on May 8 for council consideration at the May 15 meeting for a contractor to begin working on the site in June. Last week, two houses on the site were demolished to make way for the fire station.

The second project is the Fire Station Phase 1 renovation project, and will involve the construction to electrical and water services rooms in the existing fire station to facilitate construction.

The council also will consider upgrading the generator for the building. Hinson said the city had hoped to reuse the 100 kW generator the city currently has, but the generator didn?t provide enough power for the entire new fire station. A mechanical engineer has recommended the purchase of a 180 kW generator. Hinson said the city will either trade or reuse the existing generator. Hinsons said the city has received three quotes for the new generator, of which the low quote from Interstate Power Systems for a MTU Onsite Energy generator is $37,800. The council is expected to vote on the issue.

?Their parent company is Rolls-Royce, so I suppose that means we can tell people we?re getting the Rolls-Royce of generators,? Hinson said.

The council also will set public hearings for the site improvement project and for phase one renovations.

Later in the meeting, the council will hold a public hearing before voting on adopting plans, specifications, form of contract and cost estimate of the wellness park grading and utilities project.