Fire department recognized for service

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


The Washington Fire Department was recognized twice during the regular Washington City Council meeting Tuesday for its ability and for the extra work the firefighters put in to make sure fire damage is as minimal as possible.

During the public comment section of the meeting. Washington Police Lt. Ron See reported that the fire department had gone above and beyond when fighting a fire that had broken out at his house. See and his wife Julie approached the council as citizens to let the council know the fire department had done a great job during the fire and to thank the fire department for its support of the fire department.

See said during the house fire, the department showed up quickly and worked hard to not damage any more of the building than was needed to extinguish the fire.

?About a year abnd a half ago we redid our downstairs, including the wooden floors,? See said. ?When they started calling for water, here comes this fire hose right across our new wood floors. Here?s (Craig Rembold) with a bushel basket underneath the joint so the water wouldn?t leak on the floor. The floors were still wet, but nothing like they could have been.?

Mayor Sandra Johnson also told the council that her brother had shared a story about the department.

?He told me ?You have the best fire department!?? Johnson said. ?He had a smoke issue in the vents. In a period of about two hours, the fire department has received two very fine compliments.?

Also during the meeting, the council approved the mayoral appointments for the fire department officers for 2018. Tom Wide was affirmed as fire chief; Rembold was affirmed as first assistant fire chief; Jim Williams awas affirmed as second assistant fire chief; and Tom Beauchamp was affirmed as secretary.