Farewell, Washington

I?ve written 208 opinion columns in my nearly eight years working as the sports editor of The Washington Evening Journal. This is my 209th and final column. For those of you who don?t know, today is my last day working at The Journal. I will be beginning a new adventure with a new job in Mt. Pleasant next month.

I?ve thoroughly enjoyed my eight years here at this newspaper. I?ve met a lot of engaging people. I?ve written a lot of stories that were very fun to work on.

I?ll miss a lot of things about working for this newspaper. Here are a few of them, in no particular order:

? I?ll miss covering Demon football under the Friday night lights on a cool autumn evening.

? I?ll miss hanging out in the dugout with the Washington baseball team.

? I?ll miss high school basketball games and wrestling matches in hot and humid gymnasiums on cold winter nights.

? I?ll miss covering high school sports in Keota, where the fans and athletes made me feel more than welcome, chanting my names at several high school basketball games.

? I?ll miss listening to the area pep bands while the basketball teams went through their layup lines.

? I?ll miss the track meets at Case Field, which have to be some of the most well run events in the area thanks to dedicated coaches and volunteers.

? I?ll miss covering postseason tournament events, where the pressure and the excitement is at its greatest.

? I?ll also miss the excitement and optimism that a new sports season brings.

? I?ll miss watching a freshman who struggles at first grow and develop into the team?s star player.

? I?ll miss having a Kalona bar at a hot summer baseball game.

? On top of that, I?ll miss concession stand food (I?m talking pork burgers and walking tacos here).

? I?ll miss my co-workers here at The Journal, who are all very professional in what they do.

? I?ll also miss working with with the area coaches, all of whom were very classy and easy to work with.

? Most of all, I?ll miss conversing with high school athletes, many of whom endearingly call me ?T. Brown.?

? Frankly, I?ll miss all of the interactions I?ve had with the members of this community and the neighboring towns.

? I?ll miss rooting for the Demons, Golden Hawks, Eagles, Huskies, Wildcats, Warriors and IMS. Although I try to be impartial, internally I?ve always wanted to see the local teams perform to the best of their abilities.

? Finally, I?ll also miss informing you, the readers. Hopefully you all have enjoyed my writing. I hope to continue writing in some form, so look for me on Twitter and Facebook.