Fans enjoy championship game

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Even with the temperature dropping outside, JP?s 207 had all the trappings of a tailgating party set up with several big screen TVs showing Super Bowl 52 to several excited fans.

As halftime festivities began, the people watching the game had already seen an exciting game with plenty of touchdowns from both sides and the Philadelphia Eagles leading the New England Patriots 22-12 due to some missed field goals and extra points. Fans took the time to make themselves a taco or get some chips and salsa from the nearby table.

?It?s been a good game and a great Super Bowl party,? owner Jaron Rosien said. ?At the moment the underdog is ahead and that is always fun too.?

The underdog being ahead would continue, with the Eagles bringing home the win. The Patriots were 4-and-a-half point favorites to beat the Eagles on Sunday. If they?d won, they would have walked away with the franchise?s sixth Super Bowl championship. The Philadelphia Eagles upset the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII Sunday night to grab the first Super Bowl crown in the team?s history. This game was a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX, in which the Patriots had nudged out the Eagles 24-21.

During the traditional halftime show, that included a tribute to Prince lead by Justin Timberlake, Maquel Anding sat with friends and watched the events while sporting a Patriot?s jersey. Members of the University of Minnesota marching band also performed at the event.

?I feel like we?ve got it,? said Anding, predicting her favorite team, the Patriots would win. ?My uncle?s first cousin used to play for the Patriots. it is a family affair.?

Across the bar, seated at a booth watching the screen, Henry Eicher lamented that his favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, hadn?t made it to the Super Bowl, although the game was held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

?I like all the touchdowns,? he said. ?I think it has been a great game with all the passing. I?m rooting for the Eagles because they took out Minnesota.?

Eicher?s brother Ruben, Predicted the Patriots would win by 7.

?That is my prediction because everyone else is going for the eagles,? he said. ?I am going for the Patriots.?

Both teams continued scoring during the second half. The Patriot?s defense held the eagles to a field goal on the fourth drive of the second half, shifting momentum back to the Patriots. Patriots QB Tom Brady finished a 75-yard drive by connecting a 4-yard pass to star tight end Rob Gronkowski, giving the Patriots the first lead of the game. The Eagles responded with another touchdown, but failed with a two-point conversion, leaving Philly with a five-point lead. During the next drive the Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham stripped the ball from Brady on the drive?s second play. The Eagles went on to add another field goal, increasing the lead to eight points and leaving New England just over a minute to tie the game.



As the game ended. Brady had managed to reach the 45-yard line but could not connect with Gronkowski on the final play.