Down Memory Lane

The Charmonaires, a group of local women who sang barbershop harmony, was formed on March 1, 1967.  This picture is not of the original group. This photo is of  the 1968 singers. Pictured are, front row, left to right: Mrs. James (Jan) Rosien, Mrs. Richard (Marlene) Anderson, Mrs. Kay Stewart, Mrs. Donald (Elaine) Oxenford, Mrs. Marvin (Enid) Tweeton, and Mrs. Roger (Dixie) Harrington. In the back row, left to right, are: Mrs. Pete (Sue) Getz, Mrs. Claire (Millie) Keating, Mrs. Herb (Betty) Osincup, Mrs. Dwaine (Virginia) Tschantz, Mrs. Wayne (Edonna) Gamon, and Mrs. Robert (Edith) Poorman.  The Journal photo was taken by by Helen Gilbert. The Journal will run a photo of the original group in Monday?s newspaper.