Down Memory Lane

This photo was submitted by Bea Kindred Gardner, now of Mesa. AZ. Bea worked at the Washington County Hospital for 34 years, beginning in the 1970s. She was the supervisor for housekeeping. Bea said this photo was taken about 1972, and included all the hospital?s department supervisors. She couldn?t remember the names of all those in the photo, but has done her best to identify as many as possible and has asked the Journal to publish it. She apologizes for those she could not identify. Bea is pictured third from the right in the back row. The supervisors she could identify include: Pam Hazel, Mary Jarvis, Linda McNeil, Alma Batterson, Jo K, Gary Kluber, Alvin Sojka, Darlene S., Mary K., Connie Bauer and Ethel Cavin. Bea, who is a great-great-grandmother, will be returning to Washington this summer for a visit.