Development project moves ahead

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


After being tabled in October 2017, the Washington City Council will have the opportunity to enter into a development agreement with David and Lisa Nacos for the creation of residential lots.

Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson told the council during its June 19 meeting that the Nacoses had signed a development agreement for the project earlier that day and he had wanted to get more information to the council before asking them to consider the agreement.

?We?re excited to get moving on that,? Hinson said.

Property owners David and Lisa Nacos approached the council in 2016 with the intent to develop a 4.53 acre tract of land into 10-12 residential lots for purchase by people wishing to construct a home, provided the city does street, sidewalk and utility improvements on South 15th between East Washington and East Adams streets later this year. Hinson has also recommended, as part of the project for the city, to reconstruct South 15th from East Madison to Washington, as well as install a new storm sewer along South 14th Avenue. He said this would significantly improve the neighborhood?s infrastructure and appearance. The sewer project has been in the city?s capital improvement plan since 2007.

Hinson said that the city has already bonded for the money. He also said that during the project the city would reconstruct the existing 15th Avenue. He said there would be a route to get from East Creek Subdivision to Highway 92 directly. He also said that the project would open up about 30 acres of land to the east for future development.

The city still has several things to do with the project, Hinson said. The city still has to bond for the project and will vote on each section of the project.

?It is nice to get to this point with the development agreement,? he said.

In a memo sent during previous discussion of the project, Hinson said that before 2008, Washington often saw 20 new homes constructed each year. He said for the last five years, the number of homes constructed in town has been five or fewer per year.