Davison Family reunion

The 82nd annual Davison family reunion was held Aug. 5 at the Washington Community Center, with 32 attending. President Larry Swailes welcomed those attending, with Ken Wagner giving the blessing.

One death and two marriages were recorded.

Those attending were Thelma Wagner, Jack and Jan Kiesey with Darek, Jerry and Janice Flory, Rodney and Joyce Letts, Don and Loretta Gardner, Ken Wagner, Pauline Gingerich, Mark and Sheila Lukins with Mitchal, Isaac and Jennifer Lukins, all of Washington; Chery Dahlquist, of Keota; Judy and John Brayton, of Centerville; Leroy and Janet Bain, of Iowa City; Donald Davison, of Wayland; Larry Swailes, of Crawfordsville; Dick and Ruth Lukins, of Columbus Junction; Bill, Nancy, and Dominic Wagner, of Morning Sun; Kris Storr, of Muscatine. Bob and Joanne Armstrong came from Garland, Texas.

The Davision Reunion will be held the first Sunday of August 2019 at the Community Center. Officers will remain the same.