Crawfordsville News

Janice Parks, niece of Wilma McAllister of Berkley, CA visited from Friday until Monday in the McAllister home. She had organized a first cousins reunion and seven cousin?s and five spouses met Saturday evening at Jerry?s in Mt. Pleasant. Of those one came from Texas and one from Nebraska.

These are the grandchildren of the late Will and Louise McAllister of Winfield.

A neighborhood party was held at the United Church of Crawfordsville on Saturday evening, August 25, honoring Randy and Shirlyn Graber and Emma Herman and Chris Graf.

The Grabers will be moving to Kansas to be closer to their son, Alex and family.

Chris Graf and Emma Herman, who will be married in December, purchased a portion of the Graber property and will move into the neighborhood.

Those attending were Randy and Shirlyn Graber; Steve and Janice Williams; Doug, Carol and Becca Enfield; Jim, Sara and Brenda McArtor; Calvin and Karalee Martin; Greg and Carol Graber; Jim, Lisa and Emma Herman and Chris Graf; Larry and Tammy Lowe; Karen and Zoey Dennler; Eric and Lori Graber; Judy and Ardell Kliewer; Duane and Susan Davis; Bruce Davis; Ken and Patty Madden and grandchildren; Jim and Joan Eubanks; Duane and Ann Lewis; Cecil and Leah Kelley and Emily and Ryleigh Boylan.

Everyone enjoyed a potluck dinner and had a great time.

The Parish Council is sponsoring a Church Potluck Supper on Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the United Church of Crawfordsville. Bring a dish to share.Table service and drinks will be provided.

Children?s Sunday School will start up again on September 16 at 10 a.m. Contact Becky Kremer if you have any questions.

Ingathering Kits  are being put together for the November Ingathering in Mt. Pleasant.

A list of items needed for School Kits and Hygiene Kits are on the table in the Narthex.

Dollars may also be donated and items will be purchased for you.