Crawfordsville News

The regular meeting of Chapter L of the National T.T.T. Society was held Monday, April 23, at the Olds United Church of Christ. President Barb Shelman called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with the group singing the Sword of Gold.

Missy Fear provided meditations called ? How Moms are Made.?

Sixteen members answered roll call by telling what they would do with $100.

Minutes of the previous month?s meeting were read and a correction was made in regard to the ending balance in the checking account.

Correspondence--Barb Shelman

A thank- you from the National T.T.T. Project Fund was received for the group?s donation.

A thank-you note was also received from a former camper for an Easter gift card.

Camp T-shirts will cost $7 and the campers will get them at camp rather than having them shipped to each chapter. An email will be sent at the end of August for the T-shirt bill and the bus transportation fee.

Mediapolis T.T.T. is having a 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, June 2, for anyone interested. The funds raised will be used for camp.

Nancy found out at convention that the organization could apply to be tax-exempt. A card is now available that can be used to buy camp items.

The treasurer?s report was given and will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports: Camp Girls Barb Shelman and Nancy McGohan took the girls shopping on Sunday, April 22. Several clothing items were donated from a local Mt. Pleasant business. They also took the girls to the Conservation Center. All their paperwork has been completed. Camp starts Sunday, June 3, and the girls will return on Friday, June 8. Glenda and Marlys have volunteered to pick the girls up when they get home.

Ways and Means: Leah announced the tip night at the Pizza Ranch will be Monday, July 8, in Mt. Pleasant. She will bring a sign-up sheet to the next meeting.

New Business: Betty Carlson will become a 50-year member this month. A card and flowers will be sent.

Bills ? several bills were presented and a motion was made and seconded to pay them. Motion carried.

Marlys proposed the chapter have a ?Friends Night? in May. All members are asked to bring a friend that night to watch camp girls open their gifts from shopping.

Adjournment: president Shelman thanked Mary and Ruth for refreshments. Louise Unkrich and Betty Molander will be hostesses for the next meeting which will be held Monday, May 21, at the Olds United Church of Christ. No meditations will be given that night. As there was no further business the meeting adjourned with the Closing Creed.

Missy and Nancy gave a report on state convention held at Pella after the regular meeting adjourned.

Twelve were present for the Monday, May 7, luncheon meeting of the Wyman Community Club at Ainsworth Four Corners.

Attending were Vivan and Eileen Jennings of Iowa City, John Wittrig and Laura Wittrig of Winfield, Wilma Vosburg of Grinnell, Jane Kaczinski of Washington, Frieda Finke, Lucille Humphreys, Ruth Erwin and Billie Jo Rose of Crawfordsville and guests, Ray and Shirley Hendrickson of Iowa City.

The group will meet for lunch again Monday, June 4, at 11:30 a.m. at Ainsworth Four Corners.

Clarissa Malmberg has volunteered to be in charge of the Summer BackPack Program for the weeks of June 5 and June 12. Please sign up to help her with the preparation or supplies.