Crawfordsville News

A bridal shower was held Saturday, April 7, honoring Shannon Peserik, the fiancee of Uriah Rugg in the Fellowship Hall at the United Church of Crawfordsville. The couple will marry May 5, in Burlington. Chelsea Rugg was hostess.

The following guests in attendance besides the honoree were: Debbie Peserik, mother of the bride-to-be and Barb Wachowski, aunt of bride-to-be, both of Two Rivers, Wisconsin; Nancy Rugg, mother of the groom-to-be and his sister?s Chelsea Rugg and Clarissa Rugg; Brianna Beal; Tamara Fritz; Brandi Dawson; Janet Whiting; Ann Lewis; Alisha Kelley and Leah, Jill DeYarman and granddaughter, Luna Kanneberg: Kayti Henderson and daughters, Emily and Molly; Pam Davis; Kimberly Ferrell and son, Henry; Mindy Driscoll and sons, Blaine and Wyatt; Arial Davis; Jes Davis, Javan and Jaxon; Brittany Davis, Makinley, Bryson and Merrick; Carman Davis, Peyton and Paxton; Deana DeLong; Hannah Meyers; Marcy Murphy; Helen Lease; Laura Hill; Shelley Herren; Lauren Bickford; Judy Carney and Mary Richardson.

The United Church Women met Tuesday, April 10, at the home of Wilma McAllister with 11 women and Pastor Jason Collier in attendance.

Helen Lease gave the meditation ?It?s Spring.?

President Debbie Lowe called the meeting to order and the Opening Creed was read in unison.

Secretary Billie Jo Rose read the minutes of the Jan. 9, meeting and they were approved as read and the minutes of the March 2, World Day of Prayer meeting were also approved as read.

The treasurer?s report was read, with one minor correction and will be filed for audit. One bill was allowed.

Correspondence: Thank-you notes from December giving/holiday boxes/funeral luncheon and memorials were received.

Committee reports were received from Local Activities.

Wilma McAllister reported on quilts the Dorcas group are working on.

The usual assortment of cards had been sent.

Study and Devotions/Mission Outreach was given by Clarissa Malmberg with emphasis on Presbyterian missions who help the women who suffer from domestic abuse, and low-income families to provide them with the sanctuary of safe living conditions in Honduras and two areas in the United States.

The Least Coin offering was taken and the prayer for the Fellowship of the Least Coin was read in unison. The regular offering and the Birthday Offering were also taken.

There was no old business and in new business the Summer Food Program was discussed and the group decided to participate in this project.

Upcoming Events were UMW-Southeast Iowa District Day Apart and UPW-Spring Workshop scheduled for April 21.

The next meeting is May 8. Meditation ? Billie Jo Rose and Hostess-Ruth Erwin.

Dorcas was scheduled to meet April 23.

Work Committees: April- Pat Miller and Clarissa Malmberg; May ? Cathy Williams and Billie Jo Rose;

Looking ahead-June 9-the Crawfordsville Alumni Banquet is still needing someone to serve this.

The Spring Rummage Sale will be held Thursday, April 26, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday, April 27, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, April 28, from 8 a.m. until noon.

Following a motion to adjourn the Closing Creed was read in unison.

Debbie thanked Wilma for opening her home to the group and Joyce Huff for being hostess. She closed with a reading from Max Lucado?s book, ?Grace for the Moment.?

The Spring Rummage Sale at the United Church of Crawfordsville will be the same time as the town rummage sales. Clothing, Books, Toys, all kinds of Houseware items, and miscellaneous will be available for a free-will offering. Proceeds go to support Missions.