Crawfordsville News

The regular meeting of Chapter L of the National T.T.T. Society was held Monday, Feb. 26, at the Olds United Church of Christ. President Barb Shelman called the meeting to order and opened the meeting with the group singing the ?Sword of Gold.?

New programs were handed out for the upcoming year.

Lisa Kempf provided meditations with a reading from a book called ?Laugh Out Loud.?

Fourteen members answered roll call with their favorite way to relax.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and no corrections were made.

Chapter L was recognized as a 2017 Merit Award winner in The Tidings magazine and was given a certificate for this honor.

A few bits of information from The Tidings magazine: Rules are becoming more strict for campers.

The Tidings magazine, in paper form, is going away. Everyone must be sure and have an updated email address on file as this is how members will receive The Tidings.

A check was received form the Henry County Friends of Conservation to help pay for camper registrations.

A thank-you note was received from a former camper for gift cards she had received.

The treasurer?s report was given by Missy Fear and will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports: Camp Girls ? Three girls have committed to attend camp this year. Barb Shelman and Nancy McGohan have started buying items to send to camp with the girls. Nancy suggested taking the girls to the Henry County Nature Center to visit and receive a tour. It was decided that the chapter will pay for the T-shirts for campers, as they are no longer included in the registration fee.

Gifts ? birthday cards were sent to previous camp girls. Christmas cards were sent to previous campers who have not yet graduated.

Charity ? it was reported Marlys will sent gift cards to last year?s campers for Easter.

Ways and Means ? Leah will give the group a date for tip night at Pizza Ranch at the next meeting.

Old Business: A committee made up of Sharon Beattie, Marlys Fear, Glenda Alvine and Jen Slagel met to revise the by-laws and Chapter L?s Standing Rules. The committee worked on matching up the by-laws with the recommendations of the National T.T.T. Society. The group had discussion on corrections that needed to be made to Chapter L?s by-laws and standing rules. A motion to accept the by-laws with two corrections was moved and seconded. The motion carried. President Shelman thanked the committee for their efforts.

New Business: President Shelman received an email from the National T.T.T. Administrative Assistant regarding the Welcoming Ceremony procedures for chapters that meet in public places.

A discussion was held and the decision was made to continue with the chapter?s regular initiation ceremony and not the welcoming ceremony.

Convention this year will be held in Pella on April 13 and 14. Nancy McGohan and Barb Shelman will attend with Missy Fear as alternate.

One bill for stamps and gift cards was allowed.