Crawfordsville News

The Crawfordsville Wednesday Study Club met in the United Church of Crawfordsville Fellowship Hall Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 2 p.m. Nine members were in attendance.

President Pauline Richardson called the meeting to order; the flag salute and Club Collect were recited. Secretary/treasurer Debbie Lowe read the minutes from the December meeting and gave the financial report. The minutes were approved as read and the treasurer?s report was filed for audit. Five interesting book briefs were given.

The election of officers for the years 2018-19 was presented by Cathy Williams, nominating committee chairperson. Elected were: President-Clarissa Malmberg; vice-president-Janice Twinam; secretary-treasurer:-Debbie Lowe; nominations committee 1 Year-Ruth Erwin, 2 Years-Wilma McAllister, 3 Years-Pauline Richardson; historian-Janice Twinam; reading chairperson-Wilma McAllister and community improvement-Helen Lease.

The next meeting will be held at 2 p.m., on March 21, in the Hills Bank Courtesy Room in Washington. Chad Ellis will be speaking about Human Trafficing, the theme being ?Safety Day.? Hostesses are Cathy Williams and Pam Humphreys.

Pauline thanked the hostesses for the afternoon.

Following the business meeting, Pauline then led a group share for the meeting?s theme ?Happy Hearts Day.? A variety of comments were shared by the members about ?what makes our hearts happy.?

Hostess Pauline and co-hostesses Helen and Debbie then provided delicious refreshments around a heart-themed decorated table.

Friday, March 2, the United Church of Crawfordsville will host World Day of Prayer at 1:30 p.m. The Ainsworth Community Church has been invited to join them.