Crawfordsville brings the fun to weekend event

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


CRAWFORDSVILLE ? As the floats glided down the Crawfordsville streets, and music played in the background, there was not even a moment of hesitation when Landon Lee was asked what his favorite part of the Crawfordsville Fun Days was.

?Getting the candy,? he said lightening quick.

Landon and his older brother Evan, both of Brighton, were both on the tips of their toes as the parade floats, trucks and agricultural vehicles came down the street, and handfuls of candy were flung out the open windows. The boys? grandma, Deb Lee, of Mt. Pleasant, said that the trio had learned about the parade earlier that morning and with the near perfect weather they decided to head to Crawfordsville. While Landon liked the candy, Evan said he really enjoyed seeing the tractors and the emergency vehicles in the parade. ?I love parades,? said Evan.

As the parade was winding down, the Lee family planned to go to bouncy houses and get some ice cream later in the day.

Roy Felts, Crawfordsville Fire Chief and a member of the Fun Days planning committee, said he was very happy with the turnout to the parade, motioning to well over 100 people who had come out to line the streets in front of the fire hall.

?I?m loving it,? he said. ?We have had a great community involvement and a great turnout this year. I?m very happy with it.?

Felts said this year the committee, an offshoot of the Crawfordsville Community Club, had added some additional games in the park. He credited the people who come out to the event as the reason it continues to return. ?The community comes out and enjoys it and as long as they do, we are going to keep doing it,? Felts said.

Wayland resident Scott McNevin said he had received a postcard in the mail advertising Fun Days and decided to attend the event for the first time. ?It is a nice little town, a nice little community and a nice little parade,? McNevin said.

He added that he had attended the breakfast at the fire station before moving to the parade. He also planned to explore the tractor display lined up off the square.

Sisters Kaitlyn and Katrina Sells, who live right outside of Crawfordsville, said they attend Fun Days every year. They planned to attend the parade and then return later and listen to music.

?I just remember a few years ago hearing they were getting this together,? Kaitlyn said. ?I think it is a lot of fun. It is nice to see people get together in a small town and have fun.?