County to pay for dog quarantine

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Washington County Environmental Health public director Jennine Wolf discussed the department?s response to a dog bite reported last month at the Board of Health meeting last week.

?On Nov. 24, we had a pit bull mangle a 1-year-old?s arm,? Wolf said.

The incident occurred on Yucca Avenue, Wolf said. Environmental Health became involved because the owner of the pit bull didn?t have any proof of rabies vaccinations.

?I put it [the dog] into Town and Country and I had a talk with Tiffany, who was the owner and got ahold of her after the 10-day quarantine and said, ?OK, you owe $350 and you owe $17.50 per day after that,?? Wolf said. ?She called me the next day and said she couldn?t afford it, so I had her sign a letter that she turned the dog over to me.?

The environmental health department will be responsible for the vet bills, and the dog is gone, she added.

?When I went out there to have her sign [the papers] there was another pit bull that came up to the car,? Wolf said.

?Can you at that point ask about shots for the other dog?? board member Connie Larsen asked. ?I mean, could you have gone further with that??

Wolf said she could have, but wasn?t sure if she had the legal right to do so.

?She does know that, because she went to court and she got brought up on charges for not having a dog vaccinated with rabies, and consuming alcohol under the legal age limit,? Wolf said.

Board member Jack Seward Jr. asked Wolf if Department of Human Services was involved with the situation because of the injuries the child received from the dog bite. Wolf said she didn?t know.

?Just letting you know the case is closed, but I will be having to put money out,? Wolf said.