County to discuss compensation

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The supervisors discussed the recommendation from the Washington County Compensation Board Tuesday at the meeting but took no action.

?They didn?t have the official response from the compensation board,? Washington County auditor Dan Widmer said. ?They know what the recommendations are but are waiting until they have the official response from the compensation board to do anything. It will be on the agenda again for next Tuesday.?

There were some supervisors at the compensation board meeting held the week before Christmas, Widmer said. They heard the recommendations at that meeting and related it back to the other supervisors Tuesday.

?The compensation board recommended increases for some elected officials and a 3 percent increase for all department heads,? Widmer said.

They recommended a $6,000 pay increase for the county attorney, $3,000 for the sheriff, $1,500 for supervisors and $500 for the treasurer and the recorder, Widmer said. Additionally, they would receive the 3 percent increase for all department heads.

To make this decision, the compensation board looked at what the other counties were paying their elected officials and department heads. They decided they wanted Washington County to be ranked higher for wages and this would make Washington County?s rank 15 out of 99 Iowa counties, Widmer said.

Widmer said some of the supervisors were uncomfortable with the compensation board?s recommendations and expects this to be discussed more at the meeting next Tuesday.

The supervisors also took no action on setting the departmental budget guidelines for the 2018-19 fiscal year because they were waiting to hear the compensation board?s recommendation for elected officials, Widmer said. They had discussed at a previous meeting setting a zero percent increase, which Widmer thinks they will continue forward with.

The meeting Tuesday will start at 9:30 a.m., at the courthouse.