County road work contracts approved

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The supervisors approved two contracts for road patching and grading and surfacing contracts at the meeting Tuesday morning.

Washington County engineer Jacob Thorius said the pavement patching project would be for various roads in the county.

?Specifically it?s the Germanville Road, the Wayland Road, Old 92 here west of town, Prairie Flower Road, Lexington Boulevard and 12th Street to Riverside Road here north of town,? Thorius said.

Sections of pavement that have failed would be patched according to the contract. The county engineer?s office is using its Farm to Market funds to help pay for the contract, he added. The bids were opened to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) on April 17 and were received last Friday by the engineer?s office. There were five bidders for the project.

The lowest bidder was Cedar Falls Construction Company Inc., of Cedar Falls, in the amount of $221,942.60; the second bidder was Tech Builders LLC at $268,599.13; the third bidder was Midwest Contractors Inc. for $280,450.02; the fourth bidder was Dempco Highway Construction Corp for $300,902.56; and the final bid was from Iowa Civil Contracting Inc. at $340,178.51.

Thorius asked the supervisors to award the contract to Cedar Falls Construction Inc.

?Just for your information, our estimate for this project was $257,000,? Thorius said. ?Bids came in under, which is good. We will look at trying to add a little bit of work to the project, but it also will be a bit of savings so we can move another project forward.?

Thorius? request was approved unanimously by the supervisors.

Cedar Falls Construction Company Inc. is the same contractor doing the work on G36 and Coppock Road, Thorius said. He believes once they?re done with those projects they?ll start the work in the contract the supervisors just approved.

The other project using the county?s Farm to Market funds is the grading and surfacing project for 170th Street from Keokuk Washington Road going 3 miles east of that.

The bids were let through the DOT April 17, Thorius said. Previous work was done on that road. Now, they?ll grade it and clean out the ditches and lay 4,000 tons of rock per mile.

There were seven bidders for this project, he added. The lowest bid was from Cole Construction Company Inc., of Keosauqua, for $326,946.05.

The other bids were from DeLong Construction for $353,759; Cornerstone Construction Inc. for $356,238.80; Peterson Contractors Inc. for $365,581.05; Riley Construction Company Inc. for $393,099.25; Lodge Construction Inc. for $518,055.50; and Phoenix Corporation at $692,319, Thorius said.

?Our estimate for this project was $392,000, so there was a considerable savings there to hopefully fund some other projects a little sooner,? he added.

Thorius asked the board to approve the bid from Cole Construction Company Inc., which they did unanimously.

The supervisors also approved: personnel change requests for public health and Washington County auditor?s departments; Bev Colbert as Iowa Township clerk; Aaron Wulf as weed commissioner; and Michael Cope, Michael Ahlf and Colton Schneider as reserve deputy sheriffs.