County prepares for trail extension

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Last week the supervisors approved, clearing fence line on county farmland to prepare DOT bid letting for the construction of a trail in Washington last week at the meeting.

Washington Conservation director Steve Anderson told supervisors trees along the east side of the county fence line needed to be cleared to prepare for the next step in the process.

?We?re heading toward the bid letting,? Anderson said, ?working with the consultants and all of those with the goal of getting the construction in 2018.?

They are pushing for construction in 2018 because there is a REAP grant that will expire at this time, he said.

?We just received a $120,000 Riverboat grant, which is awesome,? Anderson said. ?Now, we?re pretty confident we have the money to get this whole project done to where we are at.?

Other financial contributions for the project include the TAP grant in the amount of $342,537; the REAP grant from the City of Washington in the amount of $100,000; a commitment of $60,000 from the Washington County Conservation Board and $60,000 from the City of Washington.

Supervisor Abe Miller asked Anderson if a new fence would be installed along the county?s property where the clearing is taking place.

?If we take the fence clear out,? Anderson said, ?which right now we?re just going to take the trees out, but during construction it would be my recommendation that we mark the two corners and outsource a good fence along there ? probably put the splits in the middle, so that each landowner maintains their half.?

If the whole fenceline needed to be replaced Anderson said they would probably do that as part of the grant, he added.

The motion was approved unanimously by the supervisors.